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Sup FAM.

Let me get straight into it,
why the name Knowledge the Drum

To cut the long story short. I am all about 
knowledge of self. Drum beater is just
an extension to my name since I am a 
producer who can beat on drums and play the
bass guitar.
(I got the rhythm section on check)

When did you start beat making,
how did it start and why hip hop?

Around 2003 but I started getting all serious 
about beat making 3 years back.
Well it all started after one of my friends 
(Ashir) hooked me up with a copy of
FL studio( I was still an mc back then).It 
was all messed up at the beginning because I 
couldn't figure it out, but it all changed 
when I started learning on how to chop up 
sounds,drums and samples. At first I thought 
all the sounds that came with Fl were all that
you can use to create your beats.
(Can't blame me...I didnt know much and 
I had to learn this ish all by myself)

Why didn't you turn to house
like all other kats, and why
don't you freakin rap?

House music? There are a couple nice house 
tracks out there but house music ain't
my cup of tea.
Rap? I used to....Well I still do..... 
Just keep your ears open.

What influences of music
did you have as a child?

Well I grew up mostly on jazz, soul 
and reggae music. Still on that till today.

What's your favorite track,
and why is it your favorite? 

I dont think I can really answer that. 
Theres just too many. It would take me the
whole day to think and write all my 
favourite tracks down and explaining why 
they are my favourites.
Thats an unfair question.......

Describe beat making in your

Beat making is just another part 
of music production. For example I can 
programme a beat and give to musicians 
to play it live, giving it more realistic 
sound and feel. Making it more musical 
in terms of arragengements and changes. 
Samples can be limitting at times unless 
u know how to tweak and work around them. 
You can have the live feel with a 
programmed beat but it wont be like 
the real thing. Theres always gonna be 
that seperating line between a beat and 
composed music.

How long does it take
you to cook up something nice,
and what pots (equipment,
hardware and software) do
you use?

An hour is enough for me to hook up something 
nice. There are cats who can flip dope
ish in 10mins but you can hear from the 
beat arrangement and changes that it was
just a chop chop. For my production I use 
FL STUDIO 8XXL with the Korg padKontrol,
M-audio axiom 49 midi controller,my bass 
guitar and my samples collection.
I do all the sample choping in FL. 
I used to chop up my samples with the
Sony Sound Forge but ever since Fl 8 came
out I do everything in it except for
recording vocals.
I use cubase for that.

What projects are you working on

My beattape.
I am busy working with a couple of unsigned and 
signed mc'z (Ya'll know when they drop). The 
compilation on Africasgateway and other projects 
with my brother
(they ain't Hip-Hop though)

When is your closest project
dropping and who is on it?
In a week or two. It's the beattape.

Can you describe the industry
as a whole, and what you bring
different from other

I think the mainstream industry is full of 
mediocrity at the moment( there are nice cats 
on the mainstream though). Wackness is getting 
glorified these days. From wack beats to weak 
lyrical content. Some of the music that is out 
and labelled as Hip-hop it's really pop music. 
Well my beats are different because I use live 
instruments on some of the joints and it's 
musical stuff .I still use samples though. I 
can go on and on about my beats. it's best 
to let the music speak for itself...look out
for the beattape.

Thanx for sharing the Knowledge
Take care

Download Silent revolution by Knowledge the Drum Beater


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