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So i have been playing around with reason now, and recently ran into a couple of tutorials on just setting up the program as a whole, now i can't say get tutorials on creativity now can i?
So i thought why not provide the same tutorials for everyone who wants to get started with reason 4, the links are below so enjoy.

Use vlc player to play the downloaded videos

tutorial 1- intro

tutorial 2- setting up general preferences

tutorial 3- setting up audio

tutorial 4- setting up keyboard and controllers

tutorial 5- setting up advance controllers
tutorial 6- testing your system setup

tutorial 7- inserting devices into rack

tutorial 8- inserting more devices and saving a template

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Word out is that Rebbi be in the labs cooking a brand new site.... Screen Shots will soon be available and the site implemented soon as well, heads up the promo is also taking fast shape.

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