Soul Echo Beat-Tape by Phiziks and OrIsOn

1. Potencial [Prod. Phiziks]
2. Cold Field [Prod. OrIsOn]
3.Mental Thought [Prod.Phiziks]
4.One More[Prod. by OrIsOn]
5.Earth [Prod. Phiziks]
6.Wonders [Prod. OrIsOn]
7.Missionary [Prod. Phiziks]
8.Gratitude [Prod. OrIsOn]
9.Asian Tribute [Prod. Phiziks]
10.My Sunshine [Prod. OrIsOn]

All Beats Produced by The OrIsOn and Phiziks. All rights of the producers involved in this project 
reserved. you are free to use the beats for any project as long as there is no financial gain,
and PLEASE SEND US THE FINISHED SONG via the following contact details:

Brought to you by Rut-less Percepxion and Black-Drop Ent

CONTACT US FOR MORE BEATS[prices negotiable, within reason]

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