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I got this acapella from the boys Zone Fam, so i did this lil remix right here, sweet remix.

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PostHeaderIcon 49keys - Vol 4 - SADLY THE LAST OF THE 49KEY TAPES

Sleeve vol 4

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Wadup all, just need to say thanx to all the downloaders who have been coming up here for heat, and to taint for all the boost from his blog.

In this tape you will find a promo track from project kay, kay is my number one kat down in durbs, we been brothers since since, i bumped the track and felt the fire, much love goes to his mixtape that will be droping soon as well, and I got a surprise for everyone with the up coming volumes....

Stay up

PostHeaderIcon 49keys - Vol 3


Need I say more?


PostHeaderIcon 49 keys - Vol 2


Pulled out a beat or two from back in the day, but none the less this is much longer than the first tape.



PostHeaderIcon 49keys of distruktion - vol 1


First volume has 7 beats

Please do mail me if you want a direct email to your account

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