PostHeaderIcon Installing FL 8 skins


1. Place the "Charcoal" folder into: ..\Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Artwork\Skins

2. Replace "FL STUDIO dark.png", that's located in the ..\Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Artwork\Wallpapers, with the file found in the "Wallpapers" folder.

3. Overwrite all the .nfo files found in ..\Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Data\Patches, with the ones provided in the "Patches" folder.

4. This step is optional. If you want the "preload" graphic (for when the program starts) changed, then place the "Title.png" into the proper version folder located in ..\Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Artwork. Example: if you have license for FL Studio Producer Edition, then the image would have to be placed in: ..\Image-Line\FL Studio 8\Artwork\FL Studio Producer Edition.

5. After starting FL Studio 8, go to "Options > General Settings", and at the very bottom select "Charcoal" from the pulldown menu.

Note: if you would like a version with no extra graphics, simply replace "OnlineToolBar.bmp" with "OnlineToolBar(no extra graphics).bmp" (make sure you get rid of "(no extra graphics)" from the file name.


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