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Yes its been ages since i have last been up here, wait.... Its been ages since I have been active. I don't owe anyone no explanation, I do have my reasons for cutting away for so long.

None the less......

Im back.

Here is whats going down my side...

There is a lil something im cooking with my boy syklik, a little sorry from my side and a welcome back from sykik to me I guess. Its his main idea of having a lil something different to the projects i have worked on before. But I did take it up and those who know me, ya know i don't half step, i go head first all heads in.

Another thing...

Sir Black owes me fufu... What does that mean, he owes me a one on one ghanian beattape, yes it is official, we having a head to head clash for that ghanian dish... And that will be out real soon.

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