PostHeaderIcon 49keys of distruktion

What is it?
7 weeks + 7 beats weekly = 49keys of distruktion.
Basically I'm going to be uploadin a 7 track mixtape/beattape every tuesday for the next 7 weeks. Yes I agree its going to be harder than hard, but I'm up for it.
About other projects I still have? They will still continue as normal, nothing there should change, infact me and blackchild are looking to let it rip end of august, but that can easily change to mid sep... Will keep ya posted.

The project with Syklik, its still up, just haven't had words with him for a sec but I'm pretty sure we will be on that real soon.

I have heard a guy or two ask about the meta4rik mixtape.... People let me be honest, I have not had a chat with him for about 3/4 months maybe even 5/6, personal reasons? I would like to believe not, and last we chated, the mixtape was off. Sad but its a reality, can't give any answers for why it is, but the day he calls me up, I will still be ready to work with him.

Facebook, mxit, twitter, myspace... Am I on? NO!! Sorry, but for the next 7 weeks ima try get on em, but there is a big posibility that will not happen.

Now let's all get ready for 49keys and more music from myside.

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