PostHeaderIcon Lonely Boy - The Prince Of Happiness 2010 - Syklik

PostHeaderIcon Zone Fam - Remix

I got this acapella from the boys Zone Fam, so i did this lil remix right here, sweet remix.

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PostHeaderIcon 49keys - Vol 4 - SADLY THE LAST OF THE 49KEY TAPES

Sleeve vol 4

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Wadup all, just need to say thanx to all the downloaders who have been coming up here for heat, and to taint for all the boost from his blog.

In this tape you will find a promo track from project kay, kay is my number one kat down in durbs, we been brothers since since, i bumped the track and felt the fire, much love goes to his mixtape that will be droping soon as well, and I got a surprise for everyone with the up coming volumes....

Stay up

PostHeaderIcon 49keys - Vol 3


Need I say more?


PostHeaderIcon 49 keys - Vol 2


Pulled out a beat or two from back in the day, but none the less this is much longer than the first tape.



PostHeaderIcon 49keys of distruktion - vol 1


First volume has 7 beats

Please do mail me if you want a direct email to your account

PostHeaderIcon Waffles and Coffee - J-oNE

PostHeaderIcon REPOST: The Watchm3n - Teazer

PostHeaderIcon Syklik is Van Mash and is Animated (Beat Series #05)

The 5th installment from Syklik monthly Beat Series . This a more experiment style, up beat tape, 

Track List:

01. Oh My *** They Killed Syklik (Instrumental) 03:51
02. Mr.J. Medeiros - Silent Earth (Remix) 01:35
03. Of All The Good Times We Had, The Ones We Never Had Were The Best (Move Your Heart Out) (Instrumental) 04:07
04. Dwele ft. Styles P and JD - I Think I Love You (Remix) 04:28
05. Drake ft. Kanye West and Lil Wayne - Forever (Remix) 04:15
06. Neo Iz Zho (Instrumental) 02:42
07. Mr.J. Medeiros - Constance(Remix) 03:44
08. 10 Seconds Mr Mash (Instrumental) 05:52

PostHeaderIcon THE ESSENCE by Phil the Kritik And San

Latest release from Elite-3 and the boy San. THE ESSENCE by Phil the Kritik And San is now available for download enjoy feel free to post comments.

PostHeaderIcon Project-Kay VS The Kritik

Here is our first colab project of Project-kay and Kritik ripping it head to head on beats enjoy and feel free to comment let us know what you think.

PostHeaderIcon The Watchm3n - Teazer


PostHeaderIcon Proverb + ModeNine = ProMode

PostHeaderIcon PRETTY BLACK by San Hedrin

PostHeaderIcon The Watchm3n

I so happen to be publishing some material from these watchm3n fellas and i just thought.... Let me just put one of their beats on my blog! A stolen one that I personally like. So thats available for download.

Here is a short inside on The Watchm3n.
"Who am I? I am a collective of kats who makes beats for real emcees, professional producers who have come together to break the fate of whack music, not only hip hop but house music aswell, who knows, might also venture into others genres."

PostHeaderIcon Project Kay VS The Kritik

So i was in Lesotho this festive season and i met up wit my two homeboys and best friends Kritik and Project kay.

Now these boyz hooked up a motherload of a beattape.... trust me on this one its a beast!!

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